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Mirrored Palaces and Mausoleums: First Foray into Tehran
Golestan Palace. Tehran, Iran.

Wherein: I get my first taste of the opulence of the former royalty and wealthy of Iran, and am introduced to the widely used technique of using pieces of mirror to decorate walls and ceilings. Plus the first of many bazaars I would visit in Iran.



Birthday With the Qashqai Nomads of the Zagros Mountains

Qashqaei nomad seasonal dwelling. Iran.

Wherein: I spend my birthday with a family of nomads and their sheep and goats in a lovely, if brief, cultural experience.


Bishapour: Our First Ancient Ruins in Iran 

Stairs descend into the sacred temple. Bishapour, Iran.

Wherein: I see the ancient ruins of the city of Bishapour, a Persian city built mostly with the labor of captured Roman soldiers when the Persians defeated the Roman commander Valerian.


Shara in Shiraz: A Gem of a City in Iran
Mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

Wherein: I spend a day exploring the city of Shiraz, dazzled by gardens and mosques and splendid architecture.

Persepolis: Glory of the Persian Empire
Ruined ancient Persian city of Persepolis. Iran.
Wherein: I explore the ancient ruins of the glory of the Persian Empire of antiquity -- Persepolis. Plus a look at the associated necropolis and the rubble ruins of Pasargadae.

Kerman 1: Ancient Citadel of Rayen & Glimpses of Iranian Life
Ancient citadel, Rayen. Iran.

Wherein: I explore the ancient mud city of Rayen, a maze of passageways and buildings above and below ground. I meet our guide's family and friends, and gain insights into the typical Iranian lifestyle.

Kerman 2: The Kaluts, Plus We Go VIP and Shoot Lasers
The Kaluts, Iran.

Wherein: My guide obtains VIP status for us see the inside of quaint quarters, we play the unlikely sport of laser tag, and visit the amazing and magical desert landscape of the Kaluts.

Yazd 1: Caravansary in the Desert. Plus Eat Sweets, Knock on Doors and Watch Zoorkhaneh
Yazd city center at night.

Wherein: I stop off at an old caravansary for tea on the way Yazd. I meander the bazaar in Yazd, visit the Friday Mosque, eat sweets and watch the old exercises of zoorkhaneh.

Yazd 2: Heart of Persian Culture and Innovation - Water, Wind, Silence
Dowlatabad gardens, Yazd, Iran.

Wherein: I learn how the city keeps itself cool in the hot desert, using underground water canals and harnessing the wind in towers. Then I visit some places central to the Zoroastrian religion of the Persians.

Mosque Madness ... Pictures from Isfahan
Imam Mosque, Isfahan, Iran.

Wherein: I visit some the most iconic mosques in all of Iran -- the spectacular Imam Mosque and the simple but elegant Friday Mosque.

Palaces and Villages ... homes of the wealthy and humble in Iran
Ali Qapu palace in Isfahan, Iran.

Wherein: I visit a range of homes from the opulent Ali Qapu palace in Isfahan, to a wealthy private home in Kashan, and finally a very old village in the mountains known as the Red Village.

Routines in Isfahan -- tea, bazaars and bridges
Inside the bazaar in Isfahan, Iran.

Wherein:  We get used to some daily rhythms in Isfahan, visiting tea shops, winding our way through the extensive Isfahan bazaar, and watching the singers on the bridges.

The End of an Amazing Journey Through Iran
Vank Cathedral, Isfahan, Iran.

Wherein: We climb to the ancient ruins of the Marbin fortress, and visit the unexpected sight of beautiful Vank Cathedral in Isfahan.

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Looking for a private guide in order to see Iran for yourself? Please contact our most excellent guide, Reza, whom we would love to recommend to anybody seeking an intimate experience with this country. email: Hamzeh.Rezaee [at] gmail. Feel free to contact me with the blue button above if you have questions about how we undertook our journey.

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