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Feature Posts About Antarctica


Paddling Among Wildlife and Icebergs: Antarctica Kayaking Club -- Best Club Ever!

seal on iceberg


 Our first two kayaking excursions in the Antarctic waters, where we see seals, penguins, and a special surprise. And icebergs, of course, with beautiful reflections!


 Antarctic Penguins and Their Busy Little Lives

baby gentoo penguin


 The diary of a penguin: "Today I found stones for my nest. Then I stole some stones for my nest. Then I gathered some perfect stones for my nest."




Aboard an Antarctica Expedition Cruise Ship

Sea Spirit


 What's is like traveling along the Antarctica Peninsula in a ship? Come on board the Sea Spirit and find out.


There's Ice in Them There Waters! Tabular Iceberg Titans and Mystical Wilhelmina Bay


Photos of some of the varieties of the surreal creations that make Antarctica such a magical place -- icebergs! Plus some of the seals who live on them.


 Dramatic Icescapes and Silent Encounters: Antarctica Kayaking Part 2


Our next Antarctic kayaking adventure, at Cuverville Island, in a complex landscape of stunning icebergs both huge and small, plus a special visit from an ocean-dweller.


Part 2 of the Penguin Diaries: Spring Life in Antarctica


The ice melts, land is exposed for the penguins to build their nests and hatch their chicks. 



 White Snow, Black Rocks: Antarctic Landscapes, Spert Island and Seal Life


 A tour through the unique landscape and green waters at Spert Island, a selection of other landscapes and seals who inhabit them.



Cruising Cierva Cove: A Magical Day in Antarctica 


Take a magical zodiac cruise through the ice and reflections in Cierva Cove.



For the Love of Penguins: One More Shout Out to the Most Lovable Creatures in Antarctica

One more collection of photographs of gentoo, adélie and chinstrap penguins ... featuring penguin highways, penguin pairs, penguin attitude and more baby chicks. 


Featured Artist at Cargo Literary: "Icescapes in the Southern Ocean"

Guest Post in Travel Photo Discovery"Kayak Adventure Trip to Antarctica" 



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