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These are written and audio interviews, conducted by other travel bloggers, with me about specific trips I've taken or various aspects of traveling in general.

 Audio Podcast: Traveling As a Solo Female Traveler, and "How a Woman Can Travel Solo to Africa Safely" at Go Solo Live

also at Stitcher if the link above doesn't work for you



Eating sheep yogurt with nomads in the Zagros Mountains, Iran.

"Is Iran Safe? The Traveler's Guide to this Often Misunderstood Country"
at Jessie on a Journey

Mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

Audio Podcast: Travel in Iran Episode 435 an interview at Amateur Traveler

Grey Crowned Crane, QENP, Uganda.

Audio Podcast:  Volunteer Travel in Uganda Episode 360
an interview about experiences in Uganda at Amateur Traveler

Feeding chimpanzees porridge at UWEC, Uganda.

"Notes on Uganda: Culture, Couchsurfing and Volunteering with Orphaned Chimps"
at Epicure & Culture

Shara on the shore of Lake Victoria, Uganda.

"Interview with Professional Dreamer Shara from SKJ Travel"
an interview about travel fashion + packing tips at Travel Fashion Girl

Shara as a child backpacking in the Colorado Rockies.

"Travel Memory Friday ... with Shara of SKJ Travel" an interview about traveling as a child  at The Travel Tester

Donkey harnessed to water barrel in courtyard of a yao, China.

"Travel China: Shara Johnson of SKJ Travel"
an interview on traveling in China at TraveLinkSites

Shara at Murchison Falls, Uganda.

"Travel Uganda: Shara Johnson of SKJ Travel" an interview on traveling in Uganda  at TraveLinkSites


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