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POSTS -- this trip includes posts from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

Prague 1: Home Base at Pohorelec Wherein:
Overview of Prague
I arrive in Prague for my two-week adventure of romping through the city streets; I show you some sights on my way to class and the beautiful Jewish Quarter and its uniquely populated cemetery.

Prague 2: Castles and Cathedrals Cast Their Spells Wherein:
cathedral rose window

I revel in the spectacular heights of St. Vitus Cathedral and relish the beautiful palace grounds of Prague Castle.

Prague 3: Graffiti, Mirrors, Statues, Architecture and Dolls with Fangs - Prague has it all!
Joh Lennon wall of graffiti.

I check out the John Lennon wall of graffiti, the Kampa Museum, and snap some pics of the assortment of statues, doors and architecture of the city.

Happy in Poland: The Wonderful City of Wroclaw Wherein:
Sedlec Ossuary
We visit the Sedlec Ossuary and spend a few days in beautiful Wroclaw, Poland, driving on to Krakow. (yeah, it's a lot)

Drool: Explorations in Krakow Wherein:
St. Mary's Cathedral
We make my way around Krakow, Poland, eating lots of zmrzlina.

10 Minute Update: The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland Wherein:
Wieliczka salt mine
We visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, a sight I can cross off my Top 10 list now, and enter Slovakia.

11 Minute Update: Spis Castle in Slovakia Wherein:
Spis Castle
We drive around the Poprad area of Slovakia and visit Spis castle.

High in the Tatras Mountains ... but still with beer Wherein:
High Tatras
We begin trekking in the High Tatras mountain range, scaling a cliff via chains, and staying in the chatas.

Three Moments in the High Tatras: Chamois & Raspberries! Wherein:
Chamois mother and baby
We descend the High Tatras and watch a mother chamois and baby, and walk through a raspberry forest.

A Last Day of Paradise Wherein:
Slovensky Raj
We hike through the lush Slovensky Raj national park up stream beds and along rock faces.

Sweet on Slovakia Wherein:
Spania Dolina
We visit the charming town of Spania Dolina and visit impressive Bojnice castle in Slovakia, ending up in Bratislava.

Woes in Bratislava Wherein:
Street in Bratislava

Illness and unparalleled misery befall me in my tiny cement cell (aka hotel room) in the incongruous city of Bratislava. Then I head back into the Czech Republic.


Wrapping up a Nice 5 Weeks Wherein:
Prague at night
I come back to Prague for a few more days in the picturesque city, taking an afternoon trip past the concentration camp of Terezin.


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