This archive is for posts made about my second trip to Namibia. On this trip, I went as part of an independent team (i.e., funded by ourselves, driven by our own interests) to learn more about the witchcraft culture in Namibia, with the specific interest in discovering how this affects people with dementia, whether caused by Alzheimer's or other diseases, and other mental health problems. We gathered footage for a documentary film, African Witchfinder, which was released in 2018 and was accepted and won awards in several international film festivals. In September 2019 it was released by Cloud Break Pictures onto Vimeo. Please watch it here: 

AFRICAN WITCHFINDER - Full Film (2018) from Cloud Break Pictures on Vimeo.

Read my mini-biography of Berrie and his work in the Kavango, "They Were Labeled Witches; They Just Had Dementia," at Narratively Magazine 


Witchcraft and Dementia in Namibia

Ndjinaa, a story of survival. Namibia.


This post was originally made for subscribers to the SKJ Travel Newsletter, as I have given extensive background information on this trip in my newsletters. I've added it to my archive now, and it contains a summary of our activities and our findings during the trip.



The African Hair Salon

Himba women perfecting a hairstyle. Namibia.



A lighthearted post about my interest in and amusement with hair salons I see along the roadsides in Africa, plus some photos of the elaborate Himba women's hairstyles. 



 The Peace in Human Touch: Portraits in Namibia


Two emotional scenes of human compassion expressed through the simple act of touch.



 You Could Be the Next Witch - A Namibian Culture of Fear and Jealousy 

Josephine, sister to Kangungu. Kake Village, Kavango East, Namibia.


Villagers in Kake village get carried away with accusations of witchcraft in a modern-day Salem witch hunt.  




 Fear and Distrust - An Argument for Witchcraft as a Primary Economic Inhibitor in Africa

Chief Petrus. Okahandja, Namibia.



Meet Chief Petrus, beloved father of an artisan community in Okahandja. His run-in with bewitchment demonstrates how the witchcraft culture may be a leading factor in Africa's economic underdevelopment. 



Twenty Years in Chains - A Triumph of Compassion Over Cruelty

Ndjinaa about to be freed from chains.


The story of Ndjinaa -- chained to a pole by her brother and bewitched with his demons. A testament to the power of compassion to break chains of both superstition and metal. 




Roadside Views of Northern Namibia: Snapshots from the Berrie Bus

Rondeval, Namibia.


A look at traditional houses and a variety of establishments typically found along the roadsides in northern Namibia. Pictures I took from our vehicle while traveling.


Faces of Northern Namibia - Part 1


A collection of photos depicting the people of northern Namibia in portrait and captured moments.




Faces of Northern Namibia - Part 2

Himba girl, Namibia.



Continuing a collection of photos depicting the people of northern Namibia in portrait and captured moments.



Faces of Northern Namibia - Part 3


 Third and final installment in my portrait collection from northern Namibia.



Desert Landscape and Darling Animals: Things to See in Namibia


A round-up of time spent doing other activities than interviewing people about witchcraft and dementia ... wildlife, desert landscape and more homes.


In Tuesday Tales:

 Tuesday Tale, "A Challenge to a Duel ... Himba-Style"

stick fighting, Namibia





Tuesday Tale, "Bridging Dementia:  Lessons in Dignity"

dancing with Alzheimer's patients 

Tuesday Tale, Filming for "The African Witchfinder"





 Tuesday Tale, "Should We Cross the River?"

Granny Sabina: A Tale of Mystery, Culture and Times Past in Namibia


Revisiting Granny Sabina one year later after filming African Witchfinder. The situation is a little strange, but Granny tells us a little bit about what life was like in that past. 





2017 Updates to the Characters in African Witchfinder Documentary







 Coincidence or Extraordinary Perception? 2023 Update on Ndjinaa 







Guest Posts for other websites: 

"Himba: Photographing From the Shadows" at Africa Geographic


Snippets of Himba lives, people in motion rather than traditional portraits. 



"In the World of a Traveler ..." at Pretty Wild World

Ndjinaa and her grandson


 In the world of a traveler, you get to see the good, the bad, and the speakable. 




Read articles from my first trip to Namibia


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