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From Walking With African Wildlife: The Complete Memoir

Girl sitting outside of a tent at sunset.Lone young giraffe in scrubby brush.Vervet monkey in a tree branch.Sunrise behind acacia trees.Young giraffe in thick brush.Two rhinos facing each other eating in a field of tall weeds.Lone rhino in a field below a hill at sunset.Close up of white rhino head with oxpecker inside one of its nostrils.Park ranger standing beneath a large tree.Herd of zebraPark ranger standing on a high plain with his rifle.two black rhinos in a field of tall weedsLone white rhino among weeds.Mother elephant and baby eating tree leavesTwo rhinos walking one behind the otherFour rhinos together.hippo with mouth openLone elderly male lion.mother and baby baboonBaby baboon playing with mother.baboon mother and babyPark ranger standing beneath a large tree.Large white rhino staring straight at cameralone cheetahLone lioness emerges from bushesLone lioness drinks from a small water hole.Lone lioness sits at small water hole.Lone warthog drinking at small water hole.young baboon with hand on a rockMale nyala in bushes.Cape buffaloHead and neck of young giraffeLone running zebra.Close up of zebra head, eating from ground.Lone white rhino with oxpecker on head.Giraffe likcing its nose.Two black rhinos beneath a tree.White rhino at close range.White rhino running away. 

Family group of baboons in weeds. 

Hyena slinking away into the bushes. 

2 people playing cards

From Racing For the Border

tourist cabin accommodations at Sodwana bay

bed and breakfast room

man squatting next to small fire in the bushes lone person walking on a beachlooking through pickup cab window at kids on outside of truck dark blue sky on horizon with dirt tracks

From Cozy in Person!

rolling green hillschimpanzee standing up point to his headchimpanzee standing up with a swagger
chimpanzee standing and sticking his tongue outchimpanzees playing in a rowyoung chimp playing with her feetchimpanzee with big earslooking into face of chimpchimp resting his wrist between his toesGolden sunset with hills in black silouhette.

From Wildlife Galore in Kruger

girl in back up pickup truck with a mattress in itelephant coming out of forestlone zebragiraffe look downmale water bucktwo wildebeestsmale impala with oxpeckers on his back 

three elephants of three different sizesMother elephant and two babiesbaby elephant suckling from motherreservoir and rock hillsGiraffe looking downsteenbock with head turnedvervet monkey suckling from mothermale kudugirl sitting looking over a large red canyonTall waterfall

water falling down red and black rocks



green, blue and red lizard on a rockWater falling over rocks in small river.baboon in treesbaboon sitting tree branchtwo adults vervet monkeys playing with a baby

From Love and Hate: People, Animals and Trucks on Safari in Kruger

two people with a camper vangroup of elephants at lakemother elephant and babyelephant trio at a lakegroup of elephants including infantelephant standing in a riverhyena at night lying down in weedstwo saddle bill storks one with wings spreadvulture sittin on a naked tree branch

lilac breasted roller on tree branch 


tall  bird

dark blue bird, irridescentsmall bird with bright red orange beakjackal investigating something on the ground

group of wildebeest under an acacia treeLone wildebeest with lone dead of female lions in the weedstwo lions close to one anotherlioness sleeping in the weeds

From Hospitality - Local Folks Rock and Penguins Delight

Jacaranda trees in bloom, Pretoria, South holding beer and another one cooking at a grillWitch doctor supply store with animal bones and herbs. Johannesburg, South Africa.Taxidermy baboon, witch doctor supply store, Johannesburg, South Africa.Wooden spears and a metal ax. Witch doctor and traditional medicine supply store, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Driving the coastline near Cape Town, South Africa.Driving the coastline near Cape Town, South Africa.Penguins holding a club meeting. Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguins chatting, Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguins on their way to the club house, Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguin molting, Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguin on Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguins at Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguins at Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguins at Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Lone penguin trundling along Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.Penguin looking inquisitively at me, Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa.two pairs of different species of birds sitting on a rock

From Trains and Automobiles: Riding Across the Interior of South Africa 

A pair of ostriches running across an open field with mountains in backgroun.farmstead behind rocky hillsfarmstead below rocky hillsrows of grapes below rocky hillsvineyards and worker hutswoman and child in shanty towngirl in bathrobe sitting on train benchwindmill on farmstead scrubby rocky hillsbushes and trees in front of rocky hills

From Lesotho: Off the Beaten Track on the Wide Open Roads

girl sitting in front of propane heater with laptop and glass of winerolling hillsidesBrick rondeval with thatched roof.small rondevals amid mountainssmall donkey alone on a hillsidebaby goats on a hillsidesheep huddling around a stone rondevaltwo men on horseback riding down dirt road in mountainschild in blue sweater school uniformsmall child in a road with cloth sack of produce 

man standing outside building with list of groceries on a signTiny yellow car on a road amid tall mountainside.rocky cliffs on a hilltopwoman walking with tub on her headcorrugated metal shack that says public phonecement shelter with "car wash" painted on itsign for ice cubes along roadsideMud brick rondeval with thatched roof doctor's office.snow covered road with sign saying sani pass

From The Extremes - From Tropical South Africa to Snowy Lesotho 

rondeval covered in snow and long icicles hanging from rooftiny border crossing at sani pass lesothosnow covered mountains and twisty road belowsnow covered mountains and twisty road belowTwo hairpins in a road with snow-covered roadsiderolling hills with snow on top and green grass on bottom


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