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I returned to China to continue documenting Dang Jia Shan village in Shaanxi Province, which was begun and described in the China I archive. After my time in the village, Erik flew over and we traveled together for a further 4 weeks. These posts were originally sent as off-the-cuff "this is what I did today" emails to a mail-list, and therefore extremely informal in nature. I'm working on updating, re-organizing and formalizing them, adding lots of photos, for the blog here. A slow process. Posts with a photo next to them are ones which have been updated. See more posts in China I.

>Read Ethnographic Essays From My Time in Dang Jia Shan Village

Notes From the Village Wherein:
I review my time back in rural Dang Jia Shan village and Jiaxian City, where everyone remembered me and we explored a lot of the land by hiking around the village. I had my own personal translator this year and learned so much more.

UFOs! or maybe that's just a monastery on a cliff Wherein:
wooden buildings cling to a cliff side
Erik and I rendezvous in Beijing then travel to Datong where we visit the spectacular Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Monastery, and earn the abiding love of our hotel's assistant manager.


Ho-Ho-Hohhot Up North in China Wherein:
square temple building

We get around by train up in northern China, learning the tricks of train travel and making friends, and spend a couple days seeing temples in the capital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot.


Sand in Our Shoes Wherein:
pillars inside a Chinese mosque

Stationed in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, we frolic in the sand at Sha Hu and I ride an ostrich, then we check out the XiXia tombs and visit a small Mosque.

Heaven and Hell - A photo tour of Gao Miao Temple Wherein:
Courtyard in Gao Miao temple, Zhongwei, China.

We tour the splendid and very unique Gao Miao temple in Zhongwei, including its underbelly of Hell.

Pilgrims at Labrang Monastery Wherein:

We check out the beautiful Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Labrang and its particularly well-known Pilgrim's Way, a very spiritual place, in Xiahe.


Caves in Guilin and Coughing in Lanzhou Wherein:
Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China.

We survive the polluted city of Lanzhou and tour the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin.

 Yangshuo: Beautiful Landscape on the Li River and the Rice Terraces of Longji Wherein:


We take a memorable boat ride through the fantastical landscape along the Li River to Yanshuo. We play in some mud and rent bicycles around Yangshuo, and visit the spectacular Longji rice fields.


 Back in Beijing Exploring Beihai Park, Gardens, and the Forbidden City Wherein:


We return to Beijing and spend time in the Forbidden City and beautiful Beihai park, plus enjoy the sense of community around us.


 Me and the Ming: Tombs and the Sacred Way Outside Beijing Wherein:
Spirit Way at the Ming Tombs outside Beijing, China.

We travel outside of Beijing to see the Ming Tombs complex, including its lovely Spirit Way.

Fish Blossoms! and Another Romp Through the Summer Palace Wherein:
courtyard in summer palace

We finished up our time in Beijing hanging out among the Back Lakes and with a trip to the Summer Palace, plus we treat ourselves to a very memorable dinner.

Postscript Wherein:


I tell you the surprise that befell me upon my return home ... something I had not expected to return home from China with.



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