For my last installment on photos from Prague, let's visit some more contemporary sites and revel in some more random shots to give you the flavor of this predominantly classic European architectural wonderland. You will find those who say Prague is overrated, overcrowded, architecturally unimaginative ... I agree only with the middle sentiment, but encourage anyone to visit regardless. To be sure, if medieval architecture bores you, you may not have quite as splendid a time as I did, but there's always an awful lot of mighty fine beer. :)

The John Lennon Wall (mostly referred to as the Lennon Wall) has existed for a few decades now, a symbol of peace in a city who has gained freedom from the Cold War era's communist iron fist less than 30 years ago. Originally painted with a portrait of its namesake, now people write and paint perpetually; if you made a time-laps photo over a year it would look like a kaleidoscope changing color and shape. When I visited it the second time when Erik and I concluded our Central European journey, it was virtually unrecognizable from when I first saw it only three and half weeks earlier. It had transformed almost completely.

Graffiti on the John Lennon wall in Prague.

Graffiti on the John Lennon wall in Prague.

Graffiti on the John Lennon wall in Prague.Graffiti of yellow submarine on John Lennon wall in Prague.Graffiti on the John Lennon wall in Prague. Colorful weeping eyes.Dense graffiti on the John Lennon wall in Prague.

And here are some other random wall drawings. Something fun around every corner in Prague.

Graffiti of people holding hands on an alley wall in Prague.

Fun random wall painting, Prague.

Prague is a city suffering from a profusion of statues ... in every courtyard; on every building whether on the walls, the roofs or in a corner niche; lampposts and cornerstones aren't just lampposts and cornerstone but statues holding up a lantern or building. Remarkable. I love it -- there is simply never a dull moment walking around the city. 
Metal statue of a man sitting on the shoulders of an empty man's suit. Ode to Kafka in PragueBronze statues of Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler in Prague.

Statues embedded in the corner of a building, winged lady with sword stepping on cherub heads. Prague.

Bronze statue of King Charles near the Charles Bridge, Prague.Whimsical cornerstone of a building in Prague.

Lots of good doors, too, and doorknockers and knobs ... from super ornate, to old and weathered, to a little bit whimsical. Here is a tiny selection ...

Fancy door with two stone eagles on either side in the embassy section of Prague.

Old door in dilapidated section of Prague near the Jewish Quarter.

Painted elephant above a door in Prague.

A now a wee taste of more modern Prague, with some interesting architecture in the first two photos below. After that are some shots from the Kampa Museum, a museum of modern art. Outside are several installations of mirror sculptures that really turn your view of the world upside down, sideways, and every direction in between. I of course am standing normally vertical to take the photos (too early in the day to have any kind of inebriation tilt ... ha ha) ... but it might take you a minute to figure them out!

Known as the Dancing House, modern architecture in Prague.

Clean lines and lots of glass ... a more modern look in Prague.

Set of triangular mirrors outside the Kampa Museum in Prague.

Triangular mirrors outside the Kampa Museum in Prague.

Sculpture of mirrors reflecting the building of the Kampa Museum in Prague.

Sculpture of mirrors leading into the Charles River at the Kampa Museum in Prague.

Some other shots around town. Just everywhere you look, there is something picturesque. It's not really my intention to be a guidebook; I'm showing you the world as I see it. So I'll forgo an explanation of every shot. But just imagine yourself surrounded by interesting things wherever you go. Well, interesting in my estimation.

Prague National Musuem.

Government building along the Charles River in Prague.

Red covered walkway near Pohorolec in Prague.

Ornate exterior of building in Prague complete with busts of men.

This is a poster with the icon for the Communist Museum. It was a very informative display and I'd recommend it to anyone. But I have to say, what I love most about it is the evil little nesting doll that represents it. I even bought a shirt with this picture on it.

Nesting doll with fangs, the logo icon for the Museum of Communism in Prague.

A fun teensy weensy car and some friends and me at dinner.

Teensy weensy car on the street in Prague.

Girls at dinner, Prague.

And lo and behold, you have reached the end of Shara's 3-part romp through Prague! Hope you enjoyed the tour. 


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