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This is a section about the area around my town, Nederland, Colorado. I am often amazed at how I can leave my house, go have a swell and sometimes serious adventure, and be back home in three hours’ time. It will seem like so much longer, but 3 hours is the most common time-frame that my local adventures take up. Occasionally my husband and I have found ourselves in a little hot water on a 4x4 road with our 4-Runner, and we end up singing the Gilligan’s Island theme song … “… a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour.” If you are looking here for advice on things to do in Nederland, it may be responsible of me to mention that we do tend to do things a little speedier than perhaps the average person.  I’ll be adding posts gradually to this section, so check back once in awhile. 

I hope you enjoy a little slice of my life from Colorado. And if you are enthralled by my area, remember that I also run a guest studio at my house, and you can stay with little ol’ me! You can find the link to my rental on airbnb HERE:


 Gamble Gulch: 4-wheeling tour, old mining roads and ruins near Central City 

Abandoned mining cabin, Gamble Gulch, Rollinsville, Colorado

 Kingston Peak to St. Mary's Glacier: 4-wheeling tour from Mammoth Gulch over treeline to Fall River Road 

 Kingston Peak 4x4 route.

 Caribou Ranch Open Space: Hiking the Switzerland Trail Railroad to the Blue Bird Mine

Switzerland Trail Railroad, Caribou Ranch Open Space, Nederland, Colorado






Colorado Wildlife - Photos of the Animals Near Me in Nederland







Hessie Trailhead: Hiking tour Stay Tuned

Indian Peaks Wilderness: Hiking tour Stay Tuned

And more! :) 

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