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Uganda Wildlife Education Center - Entebbe, Uganda.

This is not news, I realize. But my love intensifies daily! Yesterday I had the fabulous experience of spending time with two of the chimps on the island. Nepa, the youngest, and Sarah, her best mate, who is an adult but very gentle with humans. They were separated from the group early in the morning, and with my pockets stuffed full of chopped-up bananas to increase their affection for me ... :-) ... we went to the island together. Naturally, they chimps were primarily in love with my bananas rather than me, so it is a lop-sided love affair. But that's OK. It was still great to be able to hold them and play with them and have them tumble around with me, and frankly, it was adorable having them stick their hands into my pockets to fish for bananas. Nepa missed my upper pocket a few times and shoved her hand straight down my shirt. I played with her for awhile on the "cake box" (installed to put a birthday cake in for the UWEC's oldest chimp awhile back for some publicity photos ... he was supposed to share the cake with other chimps, but he snarfed down the entire thing in a couple gulps). It was a hoot playing with her and she was totally laughing! Ah, so sweet. Anyway, sorry I'm spare on words lately, barely find enough time to size some photos for upload. But have some things to say shortly. So for now here are some pics from the photo shoot on the island. One of the zookeepers, Kayondo Henry, did a great job of capturing photos using my G9.

Nepa laughing as I'm playing with her and tickling her. Literally, she laughs when I tickle her. Her soft little foot is under my chin ...


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