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"Tripping with Salvador Dali: Five Favorite Works of his Art in Figueres, Spain" at Vagobond

2015 Posts:

Museums of the Masters Revisited: Completing the Dali Triangle and More Barcelona Gaudi Wherein:
Basement stables at Palau Guell, Barcelona, Spain.

I visit the last two famous museums of the "Dali Triangle" in northern Catalonia and discover another Gaudi-designed residence in Barcelona.

Day Trips into Spain from Andorra Wherein: 

Montserrat, Spain.


We dip into Spain from Andorra and visit the hometown of the co-prince of Andorra, stumble across some small ruins, and hiking around the famed Montserrat.



Read Trip Posts from 2011:

OK, I Love Gaudi, Too Wherein:
Sagrada Familia
I arrive in Barcelona and am introduced to the genius of Gaudi in the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

Full of Food Wherein:
La Pedrera
I visit Gaudi's La Pedrera and the Olympic park, and sample some Basque cuisine.

Nostalgic for Medieval Wherein:
Giant bubble in Gothic Quarter
I wander the Gothic Quarter and encounter the bubble man blowing gigantic bubbles.

Another Year Older (boo) Wherein:
Street art in Gothic Quarter
I revisit the Gothic Quarter and find loads of street art painted on the doors of closed shops plus a stop in the Picasso museum.

Museums of the Masters Wherein:
Painting in Dali Museum
I take the train to Figueres to the expansive Dali museum and tour the Batllo, another amazing production of Gaudi.

Fuerte de los Perros Wherein:
Mt. Tibidabo
I climb up Mt. Tibidabo to the cathedral at top, and stroll through Gaudi's Parc Guell.

Standard Post-Trip Musings and Extra Photos Wherein:
Batllo rooftop
I recap my time in Barcelona with a selection of extra photos from throughout my trip.



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